Meet Our Horses

  • Meet Costello

    Costello is an awesome little guy who loves jumping, cross country and is a great horse for our intermediate-advanced students.
  • Meet Rocky

    Another gentle giant, Rocky is a beautiful big warmblood gelding who is super easy-going.
  • Meet Banks

    This gorgeous chestnut gelding is as close to a push-button horse as you'll find... He is fantastic for beginner riders to develop their confidence on while learning balance and technique.
  • Meet Buddy

    Buddy is a sensitive soul who is an excellent teacher for new riders.  He is quiet, easy going and patient.
  • Meet Ruffy

    Our gorgeous dapple grey Ronaldo is often mistaken for a bit of a grumpy old man, but he's really a softie at heart!
  • Meet Bentley

    Bentley is a very popular horse with the intermediate riders who wish to improve their show jumping skills.
  • Meet Aragon

    Aragon is one of our gentle giants! His beautiful temperament makes him suitable for beginners through to advanced riders and he is happy to accomodate anyone from tiny tots to larger riders.
  • Meet Princess

    Princess is a new girl to the stables and she is exactly that...a gorgeous little princess! She is a Dartmoor pony standing about 11.3 hands high.
  • Meet Storm

    Storm is an absolute favourite with our smaller beginner riders.
  • Meet Whiskey

    Whiskey is a long term member and firm favourite of the Crestline Equestrian family with his showy appearance, beautiful blue eyes and matching beautiful temperament!
  • Meet Tank

    Adorable Tank is a cheeky little guy that is happy to give pony rides to small children but would really prefer not to go much faster than walk or trot.
  • Meet Twinkle-Toes

    Twinkle-toes (or Twink as she is known around here) is another of our lovely children's ponies who enjoys being dressed up and given crazy hair styles at pony camps.