Our Recovering Together project needs you!

Recovering together project


WOW! We have been so busy! and made such huge progress with both our horses and teens!

Firstly, a huge shout out to our teens and their parents for participating and contributing to the program. Thank you to Bettina for donating buckets and treats and Michelle for the endless supply of apples, carrots, wormers and ensuring our teens look the part with the donation of gorgeous ARIAT shirts and hats!!!! We are so blessed!!

Sue Williams and Dave Scales from Rochedale Produce have been so helpful with donations of feed and vitamins! We have also been so fortunate to have Amie and Summer Broadbent donate $500 PLUS FEED towards the sponsorship of 'Rocky' this has been put towards the huge feed bill for Rocky as well as helping to get his teeth done and a visit from the vet!

If there are any other families or businesses willing to sponsor a horse we would be so grateful. A new fundraiser will be launched this week to assist with ongoing costs of these 4 horses and I hope as many people as possible might be able to donate or reach out to support this project.

Daniel Horn has been instrumental in helping to calm our 2 unhandled horses and we have made huge progress. Both horses now can be caught, lead and enjoy being patted.

I encourage anyone interested in participating in our program either as a participant, volunteer, sponsor or if you are able to donate either services or funds to please call Julieanne on 0403873845.

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